Dublin Jazz

Personally I love the music, but i don’t know much about it, i don’t know who writes what, or the story of the born of each songs…simply i enjoy listen music. This for the musician can seems a off-key approach,
However i tell you this just for say that i appreciate Jazz, but i if someone ask me something about it, I won’t know the answer, for sure. Here in Dublin, how i often tell, stream music, so i went at the source of Blues and Jazz in this city.
I discovered, thanks to Carlos a schoolmate, JJ Smyths.
The evening that i went i fortunately met a very competent group whom played principally Blues, not bad at all.
Sonority and solos apart, and all the musical amazing outline for a such profane like me, a good beer was the icing on the cake and It was served from a real funny barman.

This is one of the song i listened:

The group was really great in my opinion. And the improvised duet from the guitarrist with the guest from Belfast(Guitarrist as well) was really extraordinary. Improvvised because they were met each other just minute before.
So sorry readers, unfortunatelly when i realized i could film it, the duet was going to finish.
In addition to the Guitarrist of Belfast there was one more guest from London.
After this i tell to you the Pub was nice, soft light, candle, cause you have to focus just on your listening.
If you like blues, you should go.
I’m sorry for those two classmates that couldn’t come texting with absurde excuses of the last minute to me.

Talk to you soon, in this while, Enjoy your life.